From the moment you walk through the doors, be ready to meet some wonderful people. New Hope Anglican Church has many warm and friendly people who will treat you like family the first day they meet you. If Anglicanism is new to you, any church member would be more than happy to sit and guide you through the service or answer any questions you may have. So please, come in as you are, find a chair, and open your heart to God’s Word.

Service begins at 10am with worship. Children are welcome to attend but can attend Sunday school in the room next door if so desired.

Let us explain what to expect once service begins.


Our worship style is traditional liturgical.  Originating from two Greek words, liturgy means “the work of the people”.   Our service is meant to be interactive and engage everyone.  We praise and worship God through singing of songs, praying and confessing as a church, reciting verses aloud in unison, hearing God’s Word read and preached, and celebrate Communion every Sunday.

Any baptized believer is welcome to receive Communion. If you have not been baptized or do not want to receive Communion, you may still come up to receive a blessing by crossing your arms across your chest or can you remain seated in your chair.

New Hope Anglican Church uses the Holy Eucharist Ancient Text approved by the ACNA.



Our service is centered on the Bible. There are always four readings which come from the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Psalms, and the Gospel.   These readings are based on a rotating 3 year calendar from the lectionary approved by the ACNA.






WORSHIP: We sing traditional hymns and modern music all with keeping Him as the center of worship.





AFTER SERVICE: After the service, stick around to enjoy some coffee and refreshments to fellowship with other church members. This is a great time to meet new people and learn more about our church.